TEMPO is a year round swim team. We are a member of United States Swimming, Pacific Swimming, and Zone One South Swimming.

Interested swimmers are offered one week of free participation.

TEMPO offers a technique-based, education focused, swim practice.

TEMPO is a very low key program, however, we still experience healthy improvements throughout the season.

TEMPO usually enters one meet per month, however, swimmers are not required to attend swim meets.

TEMPO offers a quarterly challenge, the BIG 4, to give all, especially non-meet swimmers a chance to see their improvements, whether in time or technique.

TEMPO uses mirrors and underwater sound to reinforce visual and auditory learning.

TEMPO accepts almost all interested swimmers, and works hard to bring new swimmers knowledge, skill and safety to the level of other swimmers.

TEMPO believes all swimmers are equal and deserve equal attention.

TEMPO respects the variety of goals that our swimmers select.

Swimmers choose their own days and frequency of swimming.

Parents are not required to serve a minimum number of hours - however parent participation in team activities is strongly encouraged.